Welcome...... If you love bbq, then this is the place for you. 

     A little history..... We grew up in the south where bbq was brisket or pork cooked low & slow and like all southerners, learned to love it.  After moving north, we found that "bbq" didn't mean what we thought it did... it meant firing up the grill to cook a burger or a steak.  So, we aim to bring you what we call "bbq", meat cooked for hours under the influence of hardwood smoke and low heat.  

     With this in mind, "Whistlin' Dixie BBQ" was formed.  Our bbq is a mixture of several different styles, which I will try to explain.

     If you have read anything about Texas or have traveled thru the state, you will know that bbq is almost a religion with them and they do an excellent job with it.  Frankin's in Austin, Killen's in Pearland, to name a just a few, please believe me, they are worth the line to have their bbq.  This is where the longhorn in our logo and our inspiration for doing bbq has come from, especially when it comes to our brisket.

​     Memphis is known for ribs.  Saucy but spicy.  We have developed a rib technique over the years that models after this style.

     You possibly have heard of "Carolina bbq".  This is typically pulled pork, either in a sandwich or plain, but with a vinegar sauce applied.  We do the same, but the sauce is a little different.  We have developed a "Tangy" sauce that would have more of a traditional bbq sauce base with vinegar mixed in.

     Finally, our sauces.  Our most popular is the "Sweet & Spicy", but I prefer the "Tangy".  We also offer an "original" sauce that I really like as well.  And yes they are OUR recipes.

    Ok, it is now time for you to try our food for yourself.  If you go to the "Lunch" tab at the top of the page or the "Catering" tab, you will find more detail about sides that we offer and how to get this southern style bbq for yourself.

When we're open......

​    We are always open for your catering needs, year round.  

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